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Learn languages quickly, with efficient and extremely cheap methods!!!

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Welcome, dear reader, to Matthew Cserhati's guide to learning languages quickly and efficiently. The hilite of this method is that it is extremely quick, efficient, and cheap. This method is independent of learning from teachers thereby reducing greatly the costs involved in learning languages.

Matthew Cserhati

The reason you might have come to visit this website is that

  • You want to learn a language to get a language certificate
  • You are working in another country of which you don't speak the language
  • You have a relative who comes from another culture
  • You simply like learning languages as a hobby

My own personal story of learning languages...

Let me begin by telling you about my personal story of learning languages. I was 13 years old when I moved to Hungary from the United States. In this way I started learning languages at an early age, and it has been one of my favorite hobbies ever since. Since my brother and me started attending high school after one year in Hungary, there was a lot of pressure on us to be able to attain fluency in Hungarian. It really put our language learning skills to the test.

The Hungarian language teacher who taught us as well as the high school principal both tried to dissuade our parents from sending us to high school alongside the Hungarian students. They both thought that my brother and me would both flunk many classes and that we would have to repeat them. There was some reality to it. Studying was difficult at first and we both had to speak slowly in order to form our sentences properly.

However, in the end we proved the naysayers wrong. I never had to repeat a single class, and my grades never got worse than a C in my report card. In fact, by the fourth grade of high school I was the third best student in a class of 40 according to grade average. Furthermore when I went on to college I was accepted to three universities (two biology faculties, at the Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences in Budapest, the József Attila University of Sciences in Szeged as well as the Semmelweis Medical School in Budapest).

What I have to offer

On this website I would like to offer you a special method I developed over years of learning different languages. The successfulness of this method has been proven by me owning language certificates in the following languages:

  • Swedish: Advanced written language certificate
  • English: Advanced written and oral language certificate
  • Dutch: Intermediate written and oral language certificate
  • Norwegian: Intermediate written language certificate
  • German: Intermediate oral language certificate

my language certificates

After one year I acquired an intermediate language exam in Dutch by applying this method. This method I tested and developed to the degree that I was acquired an advanced written language certificate in one year in Swedish, and an intermediate written language certificate in only three months in Norwegian. Furthermore I was able to pass these language exams all on the first attempt.

The reason you want to buy this guide is because with it you will be able to learn languages

  • Quickly
  • Easily
  • Very cheap
  • Developes independent study


I've been thinking a long time about learning a foreign language, and now I feel all ready to start again after reading your material.

-hbtk333, from the forum

One learns by teaching. Thanks for the inspiration. Thanks for the ideas.

-EXITA, from the forum

What you wrote about the different methods for learning languages, your own experience and your philosophy about communiacting with other people had an inspirational effect on me. When I read it, I felt as though if this is the best way to learn languages. You summarized the essence of learning languages quite well for me. I would like to tell you that besides all this your thoughts were so inspiring that I'm planning of refreshing my knowledge of English this very day, and after I have reached a level where I can communicate fairly well, then I'll continue with Spanish.


I wish you all the best in embarking on your own journey to master the language of your choice!

-Matthew Cserhati
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