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Since I have so much experience in learning languages, I also do translations, proofreadings, and oral translations (only available on the weekend). You can look at a list of my professional translation references here. You can contact me at cs_matyi at yahoo dot com to make an arrangement. My prices are as follows (we can also bargain):

Target language Price per source word*
Translation Proofreading
German0.1 USD psw0.05 USD psw
Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian0.12 USD psw0.06 USD psw
Hungarian0.14 USD psw0.07 USD psw

Source language (to English) Price per source word*
German0.1 USD psw
Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian0.12 USD psw
Hungarian0.14 USD psw
*Prices include only non-space characters in the final translated/proofread document. psw = per source word

I do oral translations for $25/hour.

Sample translations